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Amanda empowers government agencies with enterprise solutions that automate all the steps involved in business registration.

Manage business registrations & enable citizen access

Manage and track invoices, payments, documents, complaints and requests from one place. Easily manage end-to-end business registrations. Do all of this and more with our Automated Business Registration Solution.

Notify your clients and associates, automatically. Manage their documents, securely. Give them tools to check their application status.


Register all types of businesses

  • Manage the entire process of business registration, easily. Automate all workflows for all types of businesses.

Empower your staff with an easy-to-use reporting tools

  • Enable your staff to create, manage, view and save queries and reports, in real-time

Manage all of your documents

  • Track all of your documents and files. Amanda integrates well with third-party document managing systems.

Integrate with your security system

  • Integrate with your specified security protocols, for authentication. Decide and control who accesses what.

Enable citizens to manage business registrations

  • Manage all your accounts, online
  • Enable your applicants to track the status of their business registration
  • Enable applicants to create, change, pay and manage their own accounts

Monitor & track payments

  • Easily monitor payments and track other financial information

Alerts & Notifications

  • Create a list of your associates. Notify each one, when the work is completed.

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