Enterprise Platform for Governments

AMANDA™ empowers government agencies with enterprise permitting solutions that automate all of the steps involved in permits, including application, review, approval, issuance and inspections.

Platform designed for Government & Regulatory Agencies

AMANDA™ is the most empowering Case Management & Process Automation platform for Governments and Regulatory Agencies that enables you and your team to configure sophisticated solutions in weeks, not years.

AMANDA is a purpose-built business process automation platform used to manage compliances.

AMANDA understands and will process your business rules. The result is that you and your team enjoy the flexibility of a configurable platform, significantly reduce your deployment time and your total cost of ownership.

AMANDA enables productivity, cost-efficiency and speed for Permitting, Licensing, Code Compliance, Public Safety, Public Health, Environmental Safety, Vehicle Safety, Tax Compliance, Freedom of Information Compliance, Legal Compliance and Courts Automation.


AMANDA is configurable and extensible

AMANDA learns your business rules in weeks, not years

AMANDA is flexible, modular and integrates with leading platforms

AMANDA enables your agency to be agile, productive and effective.

Liberate yourself from the frustrations of multiple vendors & technologies

AMANDA enables a paperless back-office and a cloud-based public portal to manage all of your work.  AMANDA’s powerful government and citizen-focused features are designed to easily learn and leverage your data models, workflows and business rules.

Process Automation

Automating building permits enables quick collaboration between many departments including building, planning and code enforcement.

Speed up your development

Your government agency benefits from process automation of permitting and compliance activities.


Empower your Inspectors

Empower your inspectors with powerful, mobile apps to print violation notices, attach pictures and signatures, right from the field.

Enable online access for customers

Enable customers to schedule, reschedule, receive comments, pay fees, and view inspections.



Consolidate your information

Consolidate your master data into one database – Property, People, Assets, Vehicles, etc.

Configure vs customization

AMANDA is configurable based on your rules and regulations.

Dynamic workflow engine

AMANDA helps you manage tasks effectively and activities quickly.

Enable public access

Enable your customers to apply, submit, track, manage, and pay online.

Integrate with other apps

AMANDA connects easily and seamlessly with other apps and platforms.

Go mobile from day one

Give your field staff the power to access, share, store and upload information on the go.

Enable 3rd party access

Enable your internal and external team to securely access data.

Scale your apps

Add applications and databases as needed.

Multi-layered security model

World-class authentication, access control and encryption.



Authenticate your database, enable single sign-on and include Active Directory & LDAP.

Access Control

AMANDA enables you to create user groups, provides row level security and enables function and button level permissions (by user), and encrypts confidential folders to protect user data.


AMANDA supports industry standard encryption and 128-bit encryption for session management, logging, auditing, SSL & HTTPS, and database communications.


Enterprise-Class Power

AMANDA is a commercial, off-the-shelf, open standards software, that’s purpose-built to the needs of governments and regulatory agencies.

Domain Expertise & Proven

AMANDA leverages the essence and insights of serving governments around the world since 1989.

Fully Configurable By You

AMANDA fits your needs, works with your business rules, and requires zero coding.

Deploys Quickly

AMANDA integrates with 3rd-party services, gathers business intelligence, generates reports fast, runs on the cloud and works well with mobile devices.

Scalable & Future-Proof

AMANDA comes with over 26 add-on modules with built-in scalability to make your investment future-proof.

Add-On Modules


AMANDA Development Conditions

Enhances your ability to manage planning applications and building permits. Controls inheritance and cascades conditions established at the planning stage of a project. Enforces it. Eg, action permits, or cases, or code enforcement, which are phases in the development of projects.

AMANDA Outlook Add-Ins

Integrate Outlook 2010 mail with AMANDA. Enables users to send email messages from Outlook to AMANDA as folder attachments. Depends on AMANDA EAI module.

AMANDA Certification

Enables jurisdictions to track course, or exam results, and certification requirements prior to issuing a license or permit. It handles both externally-run and in-house courses.


Seamlessly integrate spatial data from Google Maps, or your GIS system, in AMANDA. Retrieve, view and edit GIS and AMANDA data from either application.  Customize it to your viewer’s functionality and modify user preferences/ settings. Open source code.


Store and retrieve documents from external document repositories. Support real-time interface between EDMS and AMANDA. Retrieve, view and print AMANDA documents from the EDMS.

AMANDA Web Services

Expose methods, enable transactions, retrieve data, and add records to AMANDA. Combined with the AMANDA security service, expose methods for back office, public portal authentication and session validation.

AMANDA Enterprise Authentication Adaptor

Support single sign-on with Kerberos protocol. Enable manual Active Directory/LDAP authentication, using the Kerberos protocol. Support many domains.

AMANDA Batch Scheduler

Automate repetitive tasks. Ensure that key workflow processes are performed without your intervention. Send monthly invoices. Generate renew license emails. Enable late fee reminders. Generate management reports. Import and export AMANDA data to other systems.

AMANDA Scan Station

Include integrated routines to scan and attach documents directly to an AMANDA folder. Scan property, people and process records. Enable users to acquire images from any TWAIN compatible device and upload it to AMANDA.

AMANDA Cashier

An easy-to-use point-of-sale (POS) that takes payments in AMANDA. Supports PC-compatible electronic cash drawers, barcode readers, and receipt printers. Accounts for cash, checks, credit cards, debit, and trust accounts. Log transactions, reconcile, reduce data-entry, and more.

AMANDA Securities & Letters of Credit

Link multiple securities or bonds to a development project. Include one or more properties. Track all approvals of draws and releases for each security and related information.


AMANDA Time & Activity Tracking

Automatically record the time of individuals for tasks performed within AMANDA. Track non-AMANDA actions such as vacations, holidays and training time. Employees review and modify the timesheets as necessary. Enables managers to supervise this prior to processing.

AMANDA Address Verification

Verify the validity of any property address entered in AMANDA. Provides you with missing address elements (postal code or city and province/state) when you do not have the complete address. Requires Melissa, a third-party address checking service provider.

Integrated Voice Response (IVR)

Process inbound phone calls. Play recorded messages. Read data from the Case Management System to the caller. Handle multiple lines, at once. Even customize the IVR software to meet the needs of individual courts.


Enable courts to capture, index and store documents as electronic PDF (portable document format) files. Capture documents, voice or video files and attach them to individual cases. Attach many documents to an action.


Lets your officers focus more on critical law enforcement and less, on citation and ticket entry. It makes data entry electronic, automates workflow, makes sharing and uploads easier, and is mobile friendly. With everything automated, your staff efficiency simply goes up.



The PocketJEMS (Ticket Writers) System automates citation entry. It produces an electronic citation that’s viewable on the screen. Prints multiple tickets, using a portable printer, and uploads everything to the JEMS case management software. 


With just a few clicks, your court staff activates the webcam, adjusts the video brightness and contrast, and captures a defendant’s photograph.


An add-on to the Judicial Enforcement Management System (JEMS) to enable courts to file and manage documents electronically. It reduces the volume of documents and paper moving in and out of your court.


Court officials and case parties can now sign documents on an electronic signature pad. An add-on for JMS and PAS (Prosecuting Attorney Software) products.


A web-based application that offers judges, attorneys, law enforcement, citizens and law professionals, up-to-the-minute access to case information. Enable it through a centralized web portal. Integrate with the JEMS Windows-based application. Manage custom web experiences.


AMANDA Multi Merge Documents

An integrated Word application that generates letters and notices. It retrieves data directly from AMANDA. Once generated, users edit the document in Word, save changes, track dates of document dispatch, and even email the document.


Use with AMANDA core products such as Permits and Licenses. Enables users to track the history of changes made in some tabs. Stops large, unauthorized exports from AMANDA.

AMANDA Rapid Renewal

The issuing of licenses for business locations and professionals requires renewals. Rapid Renewal enables users to generate renewal notices and renew multiple licenses, simultaneously.

AMANDA Milestone Monitor

Used by planners to review the overall status of all completed and pending activities. It provides a managerial view of the scheduled steps to complete reviews.

AMANDA Dispatch

Provide users with the ability to assign, or dispatch newly-created folders within AMANDA browser. Route complaints to officers in the field, inspections, assign counter staff to customers requiring personal assistance. Works well with Call Center (RFS) module.

AMANDA Row Level Security

With row-level security, every user has a defined set of records to view, update, or delete.  Many users connect to the same data, but are segregated based on parts of the data which they are permissioned to view/ edit.

Contractor App

Request permits/inspections, view your permits/inspections and view permits/inspections associated with a contractor.

The status of your permits/inspections requests, next-in-line notifications and the results, will be sent to your phone or PC via text message and/or email. 

Compatible with Android and iPhone

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My Office App

Officers can search for folders and view its details including the ability to upload process level attachments from the field.

  • Search globally or within folders
  • View folder, property, people and process details and information

Compatible with Android and iPhone.

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Inspector App

Ideal for use by inspectors in Permits, Licensing, and Code Enforcement.

Enables permits folder, people, property edits in the field.  Record code violations. Accepts signatures, prints inspection cards, completes checklists, records deficiencies and routes tasks. Collects & stores data locally, runs anywhere – internet not required. 

Compatible with Android Tablet and iPad.

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Service Request App

Enables citizens to view the information related to their state properties, such as property’s permit or license, permit details, and status of the permit associated with the type of violations reported against the property.

Enables citizens to report property’s violation details online from the field itself.

Compatible with Android and iPhone.

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