Amanda™ Editions

Enterprise Platform for Smarter Government

Enterprise platform & broad partner ecosystem

One platform powered by over 25 years of experience enabling solutions, delivered by a broad partner ecosystem

World class security & compliance

Authenticate, control, encrypt, personalize & integrate without security compromises

Flexible options for governments of all sizes

Feature rich editions, subscription pricing, on-premise or cloud deployments & solution packages to deliver value on your schedule


Permitting & Compliance

Planning, building permits, inspections & code enforcement


Automated licensing solutions 

Courts & Justice

Courts and Jury management solutions

FOI & Privacy Compliance

Fully configurable FOI & privacy compliance solution

Security & Compliance


Amanda supports role-based access controls enabling you to create user groups, secure access to functions and button level permissions (by role), and encrypt confidential folders to protect client data.

Access Control

Amanda supports industry standard 128-bit encryption for session management, logging, auditing, TLS & HTTPS, and database communications.


Authenticate your users, enable single-sign-on using Active Directory, LDAP and SAML.


Consolidate your information

Consolidate your master data into one database – Property, People, Assets, Vehicles, etc.

Configure vs customization

Configurable based on your rules and regulations

Dynamic workflow engine

Manage tasks effectively and activities quickly

Enable public access

Enable your customers to apply, submit, track, manage, and pay online

Integrate with other apps

Connects easily and seamlessly with other apps and platforms

Go mobile from day one

Give your field staff the power to access, share, store and upload information on the go

Enable 3rd party access

Enable your internal and external team to securely access data

Scale your apps

Add applications and databases as needed

Multi-layered security model

World-class authentication, access control and encryption

Amanda™ Editions is ready for you.

Flexible Pricing & Deployment options for government agencies of all sizes

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