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Catalog Navigator helps students to research, evaluate and make initial decisions about courses.

Generate clean, updated course catalogs for web & print

Catalog Navigator is an efficient tool that helps university students to research, evaluate and make initial decisions about college courses. The challenge for most universities and colleges is in quickly generating clean, updated course catalogs, usable both for the web and print. Catalog Navigator is your super workhorse plaform that publishes web and print copies, on demand. 

Catalog Navigator enables administrators to make revisions to the structure and design of the catalog and academic calendar without impacting the content. Catalog Navigator also enables administrators to publish up-to-the-minute content.


Manage content academic catalogs

  • Output content in multiple formats – print and web
  • Use templates for consistent formatting
  • Add workflow for Edits/Approvals
  • Manage archives
  • Import using XML

Integrated with the Navigator Suite

  • Catalog Navigator integrates seamlessly with Curriculum Navigator, Degree Navigator, and Transfer Navigator.
  • Catalog Navigator works well in tandem with these tools to eliminate duplicate entries in multiple forms-overall efficiency is improved and human errors are reduced.

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