Privacy Compliance

Freedom of Information & Privacy Compliance Solutions

Amanda empowers government agencies with enterprise solutions that automate all the steps involved in automating privacy compliance solutions.

Automate your Privacy Compliance System

AMANDA enables multiple users to enter, manage, and access information on privacy disclosure requests, complaints, corrections and court actions. The system ensures legislative compliance and minimizes your risk and is a key component to any privacy program. Amanda guides your workflow through a system of checks and balances and manages processes that ensure privacy compliance and creates an audit trail of actions, from creation to resolution.

Privacy offices can now support and maintain a strong privacy infrastructure with the help of AMANDA Case Management Solution. It effectively and efficiently manages your privacy assessments, threat analyses, and threat risk assessments.

Implement and manage a proven process to respond to individual requests for access


Minimize risk with an automated workflow. Enforce checks and balances.

Track and report on complaints and corrections


Support executive decisions with reports

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