Freedom of Information

Invest in an automated FOI solution that’s fully configurable to your needs.

Freedom of Information

The complete solution for managing FOI.

Privacy Compliance System

Comply with privacy laws. Protect personal information.

Amanda empowers government agencies with enterprise FOI solutions that automate all the steps involved in freedom of information and privacy compliance case processing and management.

Recent HIPA legislation supports the release of police information, for example the mandatory release of information about gun shot and stab wounds. CSDC’s technology is ideally suited to this type of application, plus a common platform would result in improved efficiency and better inter-agency communications all around.

Bobbi Stewart

Access & Privacy Consultant

FOI Case Management

Manage the life-cycle of a FOIA request from submission, through review, all the way to release. Case Management is highly configurable and will suit the needs of any agency regardless of size or complexity.


Redaction offers a full suite of tools for the redaction of sensitive documents. Redaction integrates with the Case Management module to provide detailed reporting for all legislated reports.

Collaboration Portal

Collaboration Portal facilitates back-office communication, document retrieval, consultation, and collaboration.

Requestor Portal

Requestor Portal provides a one-stop-shop for the public to submit, track, pay, and receive Freedom of Information requests. It integrates with your corporate website and gives you a platform for the release of open data and proactive disclosure.


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