Courts & Justice

Case management solution specially designed for courts.

Judicial Enforcement Management System (JEMS)

Improve your court’s performance with JEMS.

Jury Management System

Cloud-based, configurable-by-you Juror management system.

Amanda empowers government agencies with enterprise solutions that manage and automate all the steps involved in courts and jury management solutions.

Process Automation

JEMS helps you automate your processes, workflows, and court’s unique business rules, easily share data with other law agencies, manage documents, enable electronic filings, and help citizens pay online.

Jury Management System

Jurors can complete their questionnaire online, request exemptions, and apply for deferrals without your intervention. Maintain payroll for jurors and staff, retain juror records and exclude jurors with prior service, with ease.

Schedule and Integrate Dockets

With JEMS you can schedule complicated dockets easily and integrate them with Outlook. Easily view and edit them in real-time.

Enable online access for Attorneys and Judges

With CSDC’s e-Filing application, attorneys enjoy the convenience of filing and paying for cases online, right from their offices. Judges get real-time mobile access to cases and calendars, while at the bench, or on the move.


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