Professional Services

Implementation & Consulting Services

Install new solutions, upgrade, and optimize with our certified partners or engage our professional services team.

Professional Services – Install, Upgrade & Optimize

Install new solutions, upgrade, and optimize with our certified partners or engage our professional services team.


Assess, Install & Deploy

  • You and your team are covered every step of the way from technical assessment to installation, deployment, and post go-live support.

Join a Community

  • Join one of our regional or international user groups that represent over 15,000 users in 350 organizations. Learn and share your experiences.
  • Discover over 3,000+ solutions.

Implement with AIM

  • AMANDA Implementation Methodology (AIM) covers every step from preparation, scope verification, prototype development, needs analysis, configuration, training & testing, and finally project closure.

Train & Certify

  • Get the best training from certified training experts.
  • Ensure your team is proficient in the use of new tools while they continue to find innovative ways to improve your business.

Consult & Advise

Leverage our world-class expertise and experience to engineer innovative solutions to your business challenges.

  • Discover – interview stakeholders, gather insights on design and development and discuss current/future use.
  • Assess – create scope document after evaluation, identify resource requirements and plan/establish project timelines.
  • Report – analyze, recommend and report. Circulate draft before the final report. Prepare final report and action plans.

Step 1: Prepare

Collect documented business processes and develop an understanding of the client’s infrastructure to prepare detailed plans for project and resource allocation.

Step 2: Verify Scope & Develop Prototype

Share industry best practices and assist clients to develop a prototype system based on their specific needs.

Step 3: Analyze Needs

We work with you and your team to conduct an in-depth analysis of client business workflows. Identify gaps between current and future states and resolve them.

Step 4: Platform Configuration

Configure and update AMANDA based on the functional specification and configuration documents. Perform QA reviews.

Step 5: Test, Train & Certify

Conduct knowledge transfer sessions with key client staff on AMANDA and assist clients with UAT plan preparations and execution to enable self-sufficiency post go-live.

Step 6: Go-Live

Promote AMANDA into the production environment with experienced team members standing by to support and assist as needed.

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