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Hundreds of government agencies around the world trust AMANDA as their enterprise automation and case management platform. If you’re considering leveraging AMANDA or just want more information, we’re here to help. Simply fill out the form below or call us at 888-661-1933.

"AMANDA enables us to meet provincial targets to consolidate data and services. We are not forced to know many different skill sets, different technologies, different languages in order to provide these services as a one stop shop."

Brad Wiles | IT Manager, Service Nova Scotia & Municipal Relations

"We started looking for a Building Permit system, but when we saw AMANDA we realized that we could take it a lot further than just within the Building Department."

Cathy Marion | Information Technology Services, City of Burlington

"During the recent huge hailstorm, using AMANDA and the Mobile App saved us a lot of time and created a lot of efficiency. We were able to handle the additional inspections and permits without hiring temporary employees."

Ed Peck | Project Manager, Jefferson County Building Safety Division


"We have benefited greatly by re-engineering our business activities using Information Technology as a driver - AMANDA has been a big part of this."

Karen Wingate | Assistant City Treasurer, City of Burlington


"AMANDA has greatly increased our efficiency and productivity. Since all the information is shared and up to date, we no longer have to transfer calls to different departments to check the status of applications."

Bruce Payne | Assistant Director, Arlington, TX

"AMANDA is a great tool and is enjoyed by the department. Tools such as, tracing history, notes and invoicing allowed Brantford to be efficient, save time, and streamline the licensing process."

Julia Jacobson | Manager of Licensing & Administrative Services, City of Brantford