Our Executive Team

Erin Mulligan Nelson

Chief Executive Officer

Erin is a recognized business leader who excels in leading profitable growth for companies – especially in fast-growth and purpose-driven environments. She was recruited to lead CSDC on an accelerated growth trajectory in 2017. Read more

Brian Thomson

Chief Financial Officer

Brian has career-long experience in leading finance operations and strategy in high-growth environments.  He brings that expertise and leadership to CSDC to guide the company on its strategic growth path. Read more

Andy Valenzuela

Senior Vice President, Product, Technology & People

Andy helps organizations attract and retain talented people and build strong cultures by designing strategic HR functions at high-growth organizations. He is responsible for architecting CSDC’s global People operations and building a world-class employer brand and culture to attract the best talent and power the company’s growth. Read more

John Hanby, III

Senior Vice President, Sales

John is an entrepreneurial leader with a strong record of successfully delivering customers of all types needed information technology solutions. He has spent over 25 years in sales and business development leadership roles, primarily engaging with federal, state and local government markets. Read more

Will Promecene

Vice President, Operations

Will’s mission at CSDC is to architect a customer-first approach throughout the company – where customer success is always a primary goal.  He brings an industry-leading background in doing that from Rackspace where he spent 10 years of his career. Read more

Christian Foster

Vice President, Marketing

Christian is a leading technology marketer with deep experience creating brand and marketing strategies that help businesses grow. He is responsible for leading efforts to help governments turn to CSDC for enterprise-level, flexible, affordable, and scalable govtech solutions to help compete for and manage growth. Read more

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