Permitting & Compliance

Automate and manage your permits and compliance processes.

Building permit automation enables fast collaboration between many departments.
Speed up your development.

CSDC empowers government agencies with enterprise permitting solutions that automate all the steps involved in permits, including application, review, approval, issuance and inspections.

Your government agency benefits from process automation of permitting and compliance activities.

Automating building permits enables quick collaboration between many departments. Think of your Building, Planning and Code Enforcement Departments all working together. CSDC's comprehensive land management does all this and more.

For technical and public health permits, process automation translates into powerful inspection tools. Tools that empower your field staff to make informed decisions about public safety issues.

Often, plan examiners review drawings to add something new. Public health officials review special event permits. Technical inspectors examine elevators. Regardless of the task, CSDC’s Permitting and Compliance Solutions can manage every type of permit.  What's more, it allows your inspectors to print violation notices, attach pictures and signatures, right from the field.

CSDC's Permitting and Compliances System meets the specific needs of your department and agency. You just need to configure it with your business rules without ever getting your hands dirty with code.

Make your customers happy, with automated permits and compliances.
  • Allow customers to track their application status. Notify them when you want their input.
  • Permit customers to pay their fees online
  • Enable customers to receive comments, schedule, reschedule, and view inspections online.

    Permitting & Compliance Solutions
    that dramatically improve local governance. 

    Building Permits

    Automate Building Management

    Streamline applications, reviews and approvals
    of building permits and inspections.

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    Code Enforcement

    Enforce code for compliance.

    Reduce risks, proactively. 

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    Seamless, integrated workflows.

    Advanced reporting & electronic plans.

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    Public Health

    Improve Public Health.

    Manage health inspections, automate the process and ensure public safety.

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    • The information we provide feeds into a business process so there’s a certain sense of urgency around it. We saw our workload rising and our system simply didn’t have the flexibility and rigor to handle the volume of requests flowing in. We needed a scalable case management system that would automate our process.

      Donna Currie, Coordinator, Ministry of the Environment

    CSDC's Permits & Compliances System is powered by AMANDA

    AMANDA  |  Enterprise Platform for Governments

    AMANDA™ is simply the most empowering Case Management & Process Automation platform for Governments and Regulatory Agencies. It enables you develop sophisticated solutions in weeks, not years. 

    AMANDA is a purpose-built suite of integrated, business process automation systems to manage compliances. It's commercial, off-the-shelf software [COTS]. Typically you will get 90% of what you need right out of the box. All you need to do is configure AMANDA to your business rules. The result is that you enjoy the flexibility of a configurable solution, slash your deployment time, and reduce your total costs.

    AMANDA enables productivity, cost-efficency and speed in , , , , , , , , , .

    AMANDA works on any device or browser and dramatically improves your productivity. Ask for demonstration today.

    With AMANDA, you get a paperless back-office and a cloud-based public portal to manage your work. What's more, its powerful government and citizen focused features are designed to easily use your data models, workflows and business rules.

    If you are already using an earlier version of AMANDA, please check out the benefits of upgrading to AMANDA 7 here.
    If you are an AMANDA Administrator, please explore the admin benefits of upgrading to AMANDA 7 here.

    AMANDA is a CIO's dream come true.

    AMANDA's powerful, enterprise features liberate you from the nightmare and frustrations of multiple vendors and technologies. 

    AMANDA dramatically cuts costs on paper creation, storage, retrieval, security, and consumables for governments and regulatory authorities. It perceptibly improves staff productivity. It enables citizen self-help and collaboration. It delivers superior customer service, and much more, with far fewer resources. 

    More on AMANDA

    AMANDA enabled the City of Winnipeg to centralize the city's data.
    Grant Campbell, Information Systems Coordinator from the City of Winnipeg's Planning, Property and Development Department shares how AMANDA helped centralize the City's data.

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