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Automated licensing solutions that save you time and resources

Local governments and regulatory authorities benefit from automating the entire licensing process.
Govern better with automated licensing technology.

Imagine the ideal licensing solution for local governments and regulatory authorities. Think of an off-the-shelf, enterprise licensing management solution that automates all your licensing business processes. Visualize a solution that covers application reviews, exams, renewals, audits, fees, complaints, investigations, legal actions, and compliance activities. 

Improve efficiency. Enhance transparency. Increase citizen engagement. Provide public safety. Do all this with reduced budgets and fewer resources.

Imagine a single, integrated, modular licensing management platform to standardize and streamline your licensing processes. Envision many departments and agencies working well together on a common platform.

Invest in an automated licensing solution that's fully configurable.

Invest in a licensing business process automation platform that is flexible. You configure it, based on your agency’s business rules. It enables each license type to manage its own data fields, workflows and fee requirements. 

Explore our off-the-shelf, automated licensing solutions.

Professional Licensing

Manage Professional Licensing. Automate it.

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Business Licensing

Automate your Business Licensing. Delight your citizens.

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Business Registration

Simplify Business Registration. Enable citizens to help themselves.

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Agricultural Licensing

Streamline your Agricultural Licensing. Safeguard the health of your citizens.

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Animal Licensing

Manage Animal Licensing effortlessly.

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Vehicle & Driver Licensing

Streamline your Vehicle & Driver Licensing. Automate it completely.

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  • If an inspector leaves the city, it's very easy for us to just go and delete that row. It makes the administration a whole lot easier.

    Lionel Forde, Systems Specialist with the Planning and Community Development Department at the City of Bellevue
  • Our technology fosters innovation. We are thrilled by how various SNSMR agencies and different levels of government have come together to improve their service to Nova Scotians.

    President Dan Mishra

The 7 drivers of CSDC's Automated Licensing System, explained.

CSDC's Licensing Management Solutions are the result of 26 years of experience. It integrates the expertise from dealing with 100's of different types of customers from all over the world. It distils all this into one flexible, powerful business process automation system.

Our learnings show that all licensing types pack the same 7 basic elements. These are application, renewal, license fees, license enforcement, complaints, and investigations. Now, bring these seven elements together into one seamless, modern system. You get a Licensing System that purrs with powerful features.

Support unlimited license types now and those into the future.

A single enterprise licensing management platform now supports unlimited license types. This enables the solution to easily scale to meet the needs of other departments in your organization. Plus, it even supports your as-yet-undetermined licensing requirements.

Renew applications online.

CSDC's Licensing System provides multiple convenient ways for citizens and businesses to apply for licenses and renew it. It generates and delivers renewal notices. It easily calculates renewal fees, and it automates your entire licensing renewal process.

Track complaints and investigations.

Reduce your risks with efficient management of complaints, disciplinary cases, and investigations.

Access information stored centrally. Edit and manage it, fast.

Provide your staff with fingertip access to relevant license information stored centrally. Store and manage MS Word and MS Excel directly in the system. Edit documents in their native formats. Manage PDF attachments and images.

Support smartphones for on-field inspections and reports.

Your inspectors gain access to the complete history of violations and complaints. They refer to pre-loaded codes and by-laws. They upload inspection reports directly to your agency or board's central licensing system, while on the field.

Track certification and the continuing education of your users.

Track certifications and professional courses requiring license renewal.

Get reports and business intelligence.

Simplify the means to output standard reports and ad-hoc queries. Identify trends. Make timely business decisions.

Discover AMANDA. It powers CSDC's Licensing Solution System.

AMANDA  |  Enterprise Platform for Governments

AMANDA™ is simply the most empowering Case Management & Process Automation platform for Governments and Regulatory Agencies. It enables you develop sophisticated solutions in weeks, not years. 

AMANDA is a purpose-built suite of integrated, business process automation systems to manage compliances. It's commercial, off-the-shelf software [COTS]. Typically you will get 90% of what you need right out of the box. All you need to do is configure AMANDA to your business rules. The result is that you enjoy the flexibility of a configurable solution, slash your deployment time, and reduce your total costs.

AMANDA enables productivity, cost-efficency and speed in , , , , , , , , , .

AMANDA works on any device or browser and dramatically improves your productivity. Ask for demonstration today.

With AMANDA, you get a paperless back-office and a cloud-based public portal to manage your work. What's more, its powerful government and citizen focused features are designed to easily use your data models, workflows and business rules.

If you are already using an earlier version of AMANDA, please check out the benefits of upgrading to AMANDA 7 here.
If you are an AMANDA Administrator, please explore the admin benefits of upgrading to AMANDA 7 here.

AMANDA is a CIO's dream come true.

AMANDA's powerful, enterprise features liberate you from the nightmare and frustrations of multiple vendors and technologies. 

AMANDA dramatically cuts costs on paper creation, storage, retrieval, security, and consumables for governments and regulatory authorities. It perceptibly improves staff productivity. It enables citizen self-help and collaboration. It delivers superior customer service, and much more, with far fewer resources. 

More on AMANDA

AMANDA enabled the City of Winnipeg to centralize the city's data.
Grant Campbell, Information Systems Coordinator from the City of Winnipeg's Planning, Property and Development Department shares how AMANDA helped centralize the City's data.

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