Higher Education Solution

Navigator Suite for Curriculum, Catalog, Degree and Transfer

Higher Education
University management now made easier than ever with CSDC's Higher Education Solution.

A flexible, intuitive solution that's custom designed for students and higher education institutions.

Imagine students and advisors cheerfully collaborating on academics. Think of students working through complex degree options on their own. Visualize transfer pathways being handled with ease by students, using self-service decision tools.

Think of how you, the administrator, can plan, audit and transfer data with ease. Add to that the ability to generate reports, publish, catalog, and manage databases, with just one tool.

Navigator Suite dramatically reduces your operational costs.

It scales when you need it to, is robust, and dramatically eases operations for you.

Navigator Suite is cloud-enabled and configurable-by-you.

It comes baked in with a user-friendly web-based interface. You can configure its design to fit your needs. What's more, its integrated reporting and powerful data management helps speed up decisions. Imagine quantum improvements in administrative efficiency at your university, or college.

Navigator Suite helps over one million students in 200 campuses across North America, make the most of their education.

  • “Curriculum and Catalog Navigator brought us processes with electronic forms, workflow and notifications. As a result, the time necessary to administer these processes has decreased and the accuracy and transparency of our curriculum and catalog processes have increased.”

  • “It will allow us to quickly adapt our curriculum to student and market demand. It will dramatically increase the efficiency and visibility of the curriculum creation, change and approval process across the university. It will also provide smooth integration between our curriculum management system and the SIS and online registration tool.”

3 powerful features come together in one
easy-to-use platform.

Use one system for everything curriculum

  • Get everyone - Faculty, Staff, IT and Students, to happily work together on one system
  • Use just one system for approving your curriculum, auditing, cataloging, and transferring students
  • Integrate your existing SIS and 3rd party providers within the same system

Manage all data from just one source

  • Standardize data management and make it consistent
  • Ensure data integrity
  • Deliver rich reports

Centralize your administration

  • Reduce duplication of effort
  • Enforce control over critical data
  • Track workload

Are you still using unwieldy legacy systems?

CSDC’s white paper Course Management: From Proposal to Publication offers insights on how an integrated curriculum and catalog solution eases your pain.

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