Grants Management System

Build, deliver, and administer, large and multiple grant programs.

CSDCs Grants Management Solution enables quick responses to increasing grant management demands. Ask for a demo.

Raise accountability and transparency.

Think of an automated grants management system that's infinitely flexible, cost-efficient, cloud-based.

Imagine advanced, yet easy-to-use tools for building, delivering and administering all phases of your grant programs.

Manage with speed, confidence, and accuracy. CSDC's Grants Management System [Grantium] reduces your risk, ensures accountability, provides transparency, enables reports, and is easy to implement and use.

5 reasons why Grant Management isn't easy.
  • Multiple bottlenecks clog your manual system
  • It's a pain, to comply with all the mandates and grant requirements
  • Reporting requires too much of an effort
  • Handling multiple grants often becomes an impossible situation
  • Managing communications and collaboration across different stakeholders, drives you crazy

Say goodbye to all grant management problems.
Respond to all the demands of grant program management, fast.

6 solid reasons why you need Grantium. Rocket boost your grants management program, now

Streamline program creation. Deliver it over the web.

Make the program visible. Enable easy access.

Simplify the application process.

Automate application assessments, and approvals.

Support grant administration. Track everything from application to close-out.

Generate reports. Process claims and audit.

Manage multiple grants with ease.


Build, deliver, and administer, large and multiple grant programs.

Introducing Grantium - the leading, off-the-shelf, end-to-end, enterprise grants management solution. It's built on proven business practices. It's flexible and cost-efficient, and deploys over the web. Grantium gives you advanced, yet easy-to-use tools. Build, deliver, and administer all phases of large and multiple grants programs with speed, confidence, and efficiency.

Reduce your time and costs. Automate your grant program.

Grantium automates grant programs from end-to-end with CSDC's unique Grantium 8A's methodology. It's a best practices delivery model for Commercial Off-the-Shelf [COTS] Grants program software. Using a step-by-step, iterative process, the 8A's provide a common language and approach to enterprise grants management projects. The result is that you significantly reduce your time and costs for managing grants.

Get a flexible system. Effectively manage your grants.

Get a management system that fits your needs, without hopeless workarounds. The law mandates that your grants programs must not only be 100% transparent and accountable but also be seen as such. Your programs must be accessible, free of undue complexity, fair to your applicants and administered with maximum efficiency and complete control. Grantium, from CSDC, helps you manage your grants efficiently and also comply with government regulations.

Bank on a 10-year pedigree. Trust a proven track record.

Grantium is deployed in complex granting environments in the US and Canada. It has a 10-year pedigree. It enjoys a proven track record in grant management. Grantium enables you to account for, and report on, every penny that's received and spent, for your grants and contribution programs. What's more, you will enjoy dramatic productivity gains throughout your organization.
Grantium allows your customers to benefit from unparalleled program efficiencies.

Report and gather intelligence without anxiety.

Account for, and report on, every penny that you receive or spend.

CSDC's Grant Management System helps you to account for and report, every penny received and spent in your grants and contribution programs.

Automated Grants Management System helps you account for, and report on, every penny that you receive or spend.

Because both grantors and grantees must go beyond mere standard reporting practices, CSDC has added reporting intelligence to the system. This makes accurate and timely reporting and analysis, easier for you.

Grantium Business Intelligence is your answer to access and publish all grant program data.  Grant-making organizations now enjoy the tools to deliver efficient, timely, and accurate reports with data analysis.

4 powerful benefits that flow to you from Grantium BI

  1. Make informed business decisions
  2. Perform complex analysis and ad hoc queries
  3. Report easily. Use the powerful cloud-based architecture for it.
  4. Share information across your agency without the technical staff.


Report on all your grant program data, fast. 

  • Create single reports that users can access from any location
  • Collaborate with business and IT. Easily share queries and reports.


Analyze what's driving your agency.

  • Analyze and report on trends. Explore what’s driving your agency. Discover and understand historical patterns. Predict and improve the performance of future grant programs.
  • Explore large, complex data sets. Use drag-and-drop techniques for generating reports.
  • View and analyze data relationships graphically. Change displays easily. Drill down, rank, sort, forecast and nest information. Gain insights on trends, causes and effects.
  • Report with an XML-based format. Open with any format that suits the user’s needs.


Monitor, measure and manage your grant program performance with intuitive dashboards.

  1. Communicate complicated information in an easy-to-read format.
  2. Monitor, measure and manage grant program performance, through intuitive dashboards.
  3. Personalize the views of trusted or key users
  4. Visualize easily with graphs, gauges, and charts

Discover the Complete Grant Management Solution for Education.

Spend more time helping students and less on administering grants.

With Grantium, you spend less time on administrative tasks. You focus more on improving the education outcomes of the students in your state.

Automated Grants Management helps you focus on what is more important: Helping Students.

Get Grantium, the complete grant management solution for education.

Managing grant programs in today’s environment isn’t easy. State and school budgets are getting tighter. Transparency and accountability requirements are increasing. 

CSDC's Grantium is designed to automate, simplify, and manage grant programs from the beginning to the end. Grantium is both powerful and flexible. It provides educational grant leaders, administrators, and staff, with easy to use tools. The result, you can administer all phases of granting programs efficiently, accurately, and with greater accountability.

15 features. Purpose-built for education grant management.

Grantium comes baked in with the following

  • Accommodate Title I, II, IV and V
  • Manage Race to the Top
  • Enable early learning
  • Permit scholarships
  • Grant incentives for students and educators
  • Reimburse Tuitions
  • Support multi-agency, multi-grants, and multi-applicants
  • Powerful and flexible workflow capability supporting virtually any program requirement, including unlimited step capability (i.e. application, review, approval, award, etc)
  • Route projects, automatically
  • Pay and report progress
  • Secure Users and Groups with role-based security and management
  • Notify through emails
  • Manage projects
  • Integrate easily with 3rd party systems (eg financial systems)
  • Report and comply

Grantium scores 3.9/5.0 in the 2011 Gartner Report

Grantium is the leading, web-based, enterprise, Commercial-off-the-shelf [COTS] grant management solution. It recently scored 3.9 out of 5, in “Overall” Critical Capabilities score.

It scores “Good” in the Product Viability score, for its Grantium G3 in the 2011 Gartner Report. This report named “Critical Capabilities from Grantor Management Software” and was published by Massimiliano Claps on December 28, 2011.

Learn more about Grantium's functionality and architecture

Enjoy cloud-based functionality. Configure the system to your needs. Let it happily talk with other systems.

CSDC's Grants Management System is an end-to-end solution. It enables grant professionals to effectively plan, award, and administer grant programs.

Cloud based systems are easy to configure and customize.

It's completely cloud-based. It's easy to configure and customize. It's fitted with custom reporting, data integration, financial management and unique authentication tools.

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  • Alberta Health and Wellness were very thorough in their approach to determining the right fit. After speaking with Grantium users in other Ministry, conducting an internal requirements review, a functional fit/gap analysis and a proof of concept phase, Health and Wellness was confident that the flexibility of Grantium’s software made it the highly configurable tool they needed to accommodate their unique processes.

    Dean Mallory, Director of Strategic Accounts of Grantium.
  • We’re very pleased to be welcoming Alberta’s largest ministry to our list of valued clients of Grantium. We’re very excited about this partnership and look forward to being part of the team that helps to enhance efficiency and optimize health services for Albertans.

    Peter Andrews, CEO of Grantium.

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