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Comply with privacy laws.

The loss of public trust due to non-compliance is just too high to be ignored. Privacy laws and regulations including Privacy Acts, PHIPA, PIPEDA, Sarbanes Oxley, HIPAA, amongst others, stress on individual access as a key principle.

The risks of not complying, or the loss of public trust due to mismanagement of employee and customer information, means that privacy concerns cannot be left to just your privacy policy. At least, not any longer.

Introducing the privacy compliance management program from the experts.

You need a system that develops, implements and administers an effective organization-wide privacy compliance management program. This system requires privacy-specialists. Plus, a framework to manage the information, including compliance.

The AMANDA Case Management Solution helps you manage privacy programs, effectively.

AMANDA Case Management Solution allows multiple users to enter, manage, and access information on privacy disclosure requests, complaints, corrections and court actions. The system ensures legislative compliance and minimizes your risk. The AMANDA case management solution is a key component to any privacy program. It essentially guides your workflow through a system of checks and balances. This process ensures privacy compliance. At the same time, it enables your to handle issues, promptly. Plus, it creates an audit trail of actions, from creation to resolution.

Privacy offices can now support and maintain a strong privacy infrastructure with the help of AMANDA Case Management Solution. It effectively and efficiently manages your privacy assessments, threat analyses, and threat risk assessments.

4 reasons why your
privacy program needs
AMANDA Case Management Solution

Implement and manage a proven process to respond to individual requests for access.

Track and report on complaints and corrections.

Minimize risk with an automated workflow. Enforce checks and balances.

Support executive decisions with reports.

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  • The system saves us perhaps 10 to 15 minutes per permit at the front counter. It also allows us to improve our level of service to customers. Although we were closed on Veteran's Day, our online system still issued 15 permits.

    Bill Gunther, Former Deputy Director of LIEP

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