Freedom of Information (FOI) Solutions

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Automated FOI Solutions
Access information and respond to it from anywhere with CSDC's Automated FOI/ ATI solutions.
The complete solution for managing FOI.

The good news is that CSDC meets FOI/ATI challenges with an off-the-shelf, automated solution. The system manages the complete process of responding to requests for information and helps you speed up the response to requests, dramatically.

The FOI/ ATI process starts with a customer-initiated request. The system captures related content and all associated actions. It satisfies the request. Ensures that nothing is missed out and adheres to compliance rules.

CSDC's AMANDA case management solution delivers an integrated information management infrastructure. It allows case workers to map services to electronic processes, facilitates communications, captures activity history, and archives files for future reference. 

Customers use CSDC's FOI/ATI solutions to manage case-related work in areas such as service delivery, legal disclosure, privacy management and Freedom of Information (FOI) Access to Information (ATI) requests. 

CSDC's AMANDA case management solution provides you with the tools to log, route, manage and report on all FOI/ATI requests. Case workers handle fees, correspondence, and payments all through one interface. The system also generates responsive materials securely, complying with regulations with sophisticated reporting, giving your FOI/ATI team gains out-of-the-box access to reports.

What's better, these reports are designed to meet legal mandates as well as manage operational performance and workloads, without fuss.

The best part is that CSDC's FOI solution is already at work in 100+ organizations.

CSDC's specialized case management system for FOI/ATI helps public sector and regulated industries. It addresses information disclosure processes, in tune with legislation and internal requirements.Hardly surprising, therefore that CSDC has been selected as the vendor of choice by government agencies all over the world for FOI/ATI automation. In fact, CSDC has deployed more FOI & ATI solutions than any other case management software vendor.

What FOI/ATI management makes super easy, for you and your citizens.

1. Submitting FOI/ATI requests online.
2. Reviewing, tracking and managing case activities.
3. Managing communication and consultants while processing FOI/ATI requests.
4. Tracking and reviewing FOI/ATI requests for your citizens.
5. Producing annual reports and generating ad hoc reports.

Powerful features to manage information disclosure, from start to end

Ensure complete review and security for the information you release.

  • Avoid unintentional release of sensitive material
  • Apply dispositions, disclosures and statutes, easily
  • Guarantee thorough review of information prior to release
  • Create secure information release packages in minutes

Comply with legislation and guidelines, always.

  • Automatically generate Annual Reports
  • Track all actions, fees, costs and due dates
  • Defend appeals, comprehensively
  • Automate the generation of all internal and external correspondence

Capture data for all your reporting requirements, automatically.

  • Produce your administrative and FOIA Annual Report in minutes
  • Create custom and ad hoc reports, at will
  • Build accountability across your organization
  • Maintain full audit log

Engage with citizens. Retrieve and publish documents online.

  • Collaborate electronically, engage with citizens
  • Enhance your department's openness, transparency and accountability
  • Inform citizens about what is known and done by your department

Why CSDC's AMANDA Case Management Solution is the right FOI & ATI system for you.

100+ deployments. 20+ years of experience.

Benefit from CSDC's automated FOI solution in 8 dramatic ways.

  1. Make reporting a breeze
  2. Shorten request response times and provide faster turnaround
  3. Enforce consistency and compliance
  4. Reduce errors
  5. Demonstrate accountability
  6. Improve public service and productivity
  7. Eliminate backlog
  8. Speed up case resolution

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  • Recent HIPA legislation supports the release of police information, for example the mandatory release of information about gun shot and stab wounds. CSDC's technology is ideally suited to this type of application, plus a common platform would result in improved efficiency and better inter-agency communications all around.

    Bobbi Stewart, Access and Privacy Consultant.

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