Asset Management

Plan, manage and maintain government assets.

Asset Management
Become more productive with asset management. Invest in CSDC's Asset Management Solution.
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Federal, provincial and municipal governments own valuable assets below and above the ground. Governments build these assets. It plans for future growth. It also maintains, fixes, or replaces aging assets and infrastructure. Governments need a system to manage this efficiently.

Each year, governments also invest substantial money on equipment purchases, replacements, upgrades, repairs and preventative maintenance.

Imagine keeping track of all this with an automated system that's way more efficient than spreadsheets. Invest in CSDC's Asset Management System.

Given the breadth of government assets and their management, Asset Managers are faced with the challenge of delivering municipal services while being responsible for operational planning, financial policy management, and related decisions. 

Asset Managers, more specifically, have to:
  • manage the asset inventory
  • track the location of equipment
  • monitor preventive maintenance schedules
  • manage manufacturer warranties and service agreements
  • record the cost of equipment repairs
  • capture relevant information on each service event, such as vendor, parts, labor and travel costs
  • track surplus equipment
  • send reports to all managers and equipment users

What Asset Managers are increasingly realizing is that the information about these assets cannot be managed and controlled with multiple spreadsheets.

The problem of management is compounded by cuts by government budgets. This leads to fewer resources being available to tackle asset management.

It’s clear that asset management is essential for governments and municipalities to manage risk, exercise control, provide optimum levels of service to the public, and to plan strategically for current and future assets and services.

4 ways CSDC's Asset Management System helps you manage assets, more efficiently

Track physical assets. Use a structured method.

This module tracks assets in an ‘asset registry’ providing a structured method to manage asset additions and disposals. Track the current value of assets to comply with government accounting standards including, GASB and PASB requirements.

Track inventory. Manage maintenance.

Track inventory and manage maintenance. Measure job costs. Schedule crews with equipment and consumables for maintenance. Or, for preventive maintenance. The inventory control module provides tools for managing materials, purchase and warranty.

Track financial transactions. Raise invoices on time.

Track financial transactions such as asset amortization, write-offs, transfers and more. Keep track of costs. Ensure that all invoices are dispatched on time.

Manage quotations, contracts and payments.

Do you use subcontractors to deliver services? Let the system manage your quotations, contracts and payments. Plus, when combined with CSDC's RFS module, your service requests get scheduled as work-orders.

CSDC's Asset Management System is powered by AMANDA

AMANDA  |  Enterprise Platform for Governments

AMANDA™ is simply the most empowering Case Management & Process Automation platform for Governments and Regulatory Agencies. It enables you develop sophisticated solutions in weeks, not years. 

AMANDA is a purpose-built suite of integrated, business process automation systems to manage compliances. It's commercial, off-the-shelf software [COTS]. Typically you will get 90% of what you need right out of the box. All you need to do is configure AMANDA to your business rules. The result is that you enjoy the flexibility of a configurable solution, slash your deployment time, and reduce your total costs.

AMANDA enables productivity, cost-efficency and speed in , , , , , , , , , .

AMANDA works on any device or browser and dramatically improves your productivity. Ask for demonstration today.

With AMANDA, you get a paperless back-office and a cloud-based public portal to manage your work. What's more, its powerful government and citizen focused features are designed to easily use your data models, workflows and business rules.

If you are already using an earlier version of AMANDA, please check out the benefits of upgrading to AMANDA 7 here.
If you are an AMANDA Administrator, please explore the admin benefits of upgrading to AMANDA 7 here.

AMANDA is a CIO's dream come true.

AMANDA's powerful, enterprise features liberate you from the nightmare and frustrations of multiple vendors and technologies. 

AMANDA dramatically cuts costs on paper creation, storage, retrieval, security, and consumables for governments and regulatory authorities. It perceptibly improves staff productivity. It enables citizen self-help and collaboration. It delivers superior customer service, and much more, with far fewer resources. 

More on AMANDA

AMANDA enabled the City of Winnipeg to centralize the city's data.
Grant Campbell, Information Systems Coordinator from the City of Winnipeg's Planning, Property and Development Department shares how AMANDA helped centralize the City's data.

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  • AMANDA is a great tool and is enjoyed by the department. Tools such as, tracing history, notes and invoicing allowed Brantford to be efficient, save time, and streamline the licensing process.

    Julia Jacobson, Manager of Licensing and Administrative Services

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