Improving citizen service delivery through better building permit management

Building Permits are used for registering many different types of construction to ensure compliance with standards. Local, State and Provincial governments require owners to apply for permits for constructing a new building, adding to it, or altering an existing building. The application itself is just a small component of the entire building permit process.

Building permit fees need to be collected. Applications need to be reviewed by the Building Department to ensure that the proposed plans comply with the jurisdiction's zoning by-laws and building code requirements. Changes to the original permit need to be tracked and managed along with all deficiencies, complaints, and violations against the property or owner.

Additionally, building inspectors need to visit the site, often several times for major projects, to ensure that it meets all building codes and approved building permit plans. The inspectors then need to submit their reports to the Building Department.

So what kind of a process automation system do you need to tackle Building Permits effectively?
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