Westmoreland County acquires eFiling on AMANDA JEMS 7

Westmoreland County acquires eFiling on AMANDA JEMS 7

On April 15th 2016 Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania approved implementation of eFiling on the AMANDA JEMS 7 platform.

Over the past decade, the court’s records were submitted in person at the courthouse, or sent through the mail. CSDC Systems Inc. is pleased to announce that the county’s court records will be upgrading to eFiling software, early this fall.

More than 10,000 documents are filed each year in the prothonotary's office, which keeps records for civil court and domestic cases. Enhancing the court’s filing system is a gain for the public, attorneys and court staff of Westmoreland County. The eFiling system will grant the county accessible documents without physical complications, simplifying past efforts.

CSDC Systems is eager to continue working with Westmoreland’s County, delivering solutions through AMANDA JEMS 7.


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