Support the ‘One Five at A Time Race’ in aid of Cancer Research

Support the ‘One Five at A Time Race’ in aid of Cancer Research

The 6th Annual High Fives for Hope 5K - Race for Hope, is scheduled on 19 March 2106, at Jacksonville, FL. This event is organised by Mark Stiles and Chris Westervelt, two CSDC staffers with big hearts, to fund cancer research.
CSDC Systems, as a proud sponsor, salutes their efforts.

The proceeds from this year’s flagship race are to be donated to Camp Boggy Creek which helps seriously ill children. This year, High Fives for Hope’s 5K Race also benefits Dante, a six-year-old boy who beat Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia.

CSDC Systems wishes Mark and Chris, the very best for the 6th Annual High Fives for Hope 5K - Race for Hope. Please join us in our prayers for young Dante, and many young children like him, fighting serious illnesses. May they get well and get back to enjoying their normal childhood, without pain and suffering.

About High54H

High Fives for Hope promotes awareness, education, and research of leukaemia, colorectal, and testicular cancers. It receives donations through the fun, energetic events that it hosts throughout the year.

High Fives for Hope (H54H) began at a college alumni meet where Mark Stiles - Manager, Solution Architecture Practice at CSDC, and Chris Westervelt - Director, Advisory Systems at CSDC, teamed up. They decided to donate $5 for each high five they received to support cancer research.

Over the years, High Fives for Hope has grown into an organization entirely supported by volunteers who are passionate about “Making A Difference, One Five At A Time.”

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