State of Maine Live on AMANDA7 Cloud

State of Maine Live on AMANDA7 Cloud

CSDC is pleased to announce that the State of Maine, Department of Labor (MDOL), Bureau of Labor Standards (BLS) successfully went live with their new cloud-based case management solution, AMANDA 7, on June 13th, 2016.  State staff were immediately able to begin creating new cases related to employment standards for businesses within the State of Maine plus complete cases migrated to AMANDA 7 from their legacy system. CSDC’s solution is enabling the State of Maine’s BLS team to more effectively deliver on their mandate of maintaining a safe and fair working environment for employees and employers working in the State of Maine.

MDOL-BLS is also one of the first departments within the State of Maine to implement a commercial-off-the-shelf COTS application (AMANDA) that is hosted in the cloud.  The State is now using a secure and cost effective hosted and managed solution leveraging CSDC’s partner UNISYS and their AMANDA expertise. In working with CSDC and UNISYS on this PaaS (Platform as a Solution), the State has successfully demonstrated how government organizations can effectively leverage cloud capabilities by partnering with industry leading solution providers like CSDC.

The State of Maine joins a long list of government organisations that has recently chosen CSDC’s AMANDA platform and services to help them deliver more effectively to their constituents.  CSDC and the State of Maine look forward to expanding the use of AMANDA across various other departments to help them leverage the new enterprise platform.

Through continuing to support Maine’s transition to the new software we’ve positioned ourselves well within the Department of Labor. Client Services has also completed our first of what hopes to be many successful PCL AMANDA 7 implementations.  The CS team gained valuable experience working with our hosting partner UNISYS that will undoubtedly help ensure success of future hosted implementations.

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