City of San Jose, CA, signs contract for Cloud based Integrated Permitting System

City of San Jose, CA, signs contract for Cloud based Integrated Permitting System

CSDC and the City of San Jose are excited to announce completion of the contract awarding process for the cloud based Integrated Permitting System.  A joint team has begun planning for the implementation of CSDC’s AMANDA 7 Enterprise Platform. The new system will enable city staff to review and approve building plans via automated workflows that provide San Jose citizens and clients efficient, accurate, and transparent services which ultimately reduce the time it takes to bring construction projects on line. AMANDA 7 will automate all aspects of Building Permits and other processes with the latest technologies – leading to Public-City Hall collaborations and empowered management with access to development info on any device anywhere. Inspectors using mobile apps, plan examiners using e-plan review and markup, and citizens using online portals and apps will lead to paperless environment and minimal travels to City Hall.

In this project, CSDC will leverage strategic and long standing partnerships with Avolve Software and UNISYS to migrate the City to the recently released and critically acclaimed AMANDA 7 enterprise platform. This project involves the integration of Avolve’s ProjectDox software with the AMANDA enterprise platform, plus introduces the City to AMANDA modules for Mobile (for in field service delivery by inspectors and other City staff) and Public Portal (for an online ability for citizens and City clients to submit and track applications) that further enable the City’s objective of increasingly efficient delivery of services and collaboration with their clients. As part of this project, the AMANDA platform will be hosted on the cloud via CSDC’s partnership with UNISYS by leveraging their AMANDA Cloud Managed Services.

The City, CSDC, Avolve, UNISYS and other partners involved are excited to begin this opportunity to bring significant improvements in service delivery and innovative new ways to interact with the City via the new AMANDA 7 platform.  Together, CSDC and the City look forward to working together as they begin the delivery of a project that provides benefits to the both municipal employees as well as the citizens and clients of the City of San Jose.

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