City of Austin Live with an Integrated AMANDA and E-Plan Review System

City of Austin Live with an Integrated AMANDA and E-Plan Review System

CSDC Systems Inc. is excited to announce that the City of Austin has successfully implemented the first phase of an integrated system for Land Use, Commercial and Residential building reviews that leverages CSDC’s AMANDA and Avolve’s ProjectDox applications.  The City has called this innovative new system E-Plan Review.  The City is continuing to evolve and expand the scope and capabilities of the new E-Plan system with the goal of delivering greater efficiencies for both the City and its customers.

This new system enables the City to begin streamlining its plan review processes; while improving overall service delivery to the City’s customers.  Some of the benefits of the Electronic Plan Review (EPR) system will include improved communication and collaboration between city staff and its customers while providing environmental benefits from the reduction in paper.  This new electronic plan and document management system will continue to evolve and become a centralized hub for development project groups to communicate and complete the entire plan review process online.

“We are pleased to have implemented this first phase and to deliver a new technology solution to our customers. CSDC’s partnership throughout this implementation has been most helpful, and we are excited to have reached this phase of the project.”

Mr. Rodney Gonzales; City of Austin’s Director of Development Services


This project highlights the types of business innovations enabled through CSDC’s products, services, strategic partnerships with leading technology companies like Avolve, and innovative organizations like the City of Austin.  Professional services teams from CSDC and Avolve worked with staff from Austin’s Communications and Technology Management Department and Development Services Department to integrate AMANDA and ProjectDox via the City’s middleware layer, AMANDA WebServices, AMANDA EAI Module, and ProjectDox APIs.  As the new system is expanded in the future, the City will be able to continue delivering new online service options to its clients.

CSDC and Avolve are also currently collaborating on several similar projects with municipalities and other government agencies.  Contact CSDC for more information on how these types of innovative solutions can benefit your organization and dramatically improve your service delivery and operational efficiencies.


About the City of Austin

Located in Central Texas on the eastern edge of the American Southwest, Austin is the capital of the state of Texas.  Austin is the fastest growing city of the 50 largest U.S. cities with a population of 931,830 (2016 U.S. Census), it's the 11th most populous city in the United States; the fourth most populous city in Texas.  Austin has been a client of CSDC for 20+ years; extensively leveraging CSDC’s AMANDA and JEMS (Courts) applications at an enterprise level.

About CSDC Systems

CSDC provides the most empowering Case Management & Process Automation platform for Governments and Regulatory Agencies.  AMANDA helps you develop sophisticated apps in weeks, not years. Think productivity, cost-efficiency, and speed in Permitting, Licensing, Code Compliance, Public Safety, Public Health, Environmental Safety, Vehicle Safety, Tax Compliance, Freedom of Information Compliance, Legal Compliance and Courts Automation.

About Avolve Software

Avolve’ s flagship software solution, ProjectDox, is the most widely utilized ePlan regulatory review system for state and local government, with over 120 municipalities throughout the United States and Canada. ProjectDox allows citizens and government personnel to initiate and complete the building plan submission, review and approval process online.

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