Government of Canada Chooses CSDC to Manage Access to Information And Privacy (ATIP)

Government of Canada Chooses CSDC to Manage Access to Information And Privacy (ATIP)

Government of Canada (GOC) has chosen CSDC’s new Access to Information technology – AccessPro2016, for most of its ministries and Departments. AccessPro2016 is based on AMANDA Case Management Platform, which is known for its flexibility, configurability and comprehensive interoperability.

GOC has the option of procuring based on either Licensing model or SAS model on Private or Public Cloudshared infrastructure. In addition to all the basic ATIP functionality, GOC has access to the vast applications library of AMANDA such as Redaction, Public Portal, Batch Scheduler, Advanced Security, Group Collaboration tools, PDF Converter tools, Interoperability tools such as Web Services, EDMS Adaptors etc.

The new Freedom of Information solution will enable governments to:

  • Accurately record processing times while responding to Information Requests. This will help identify bottlenecks and areas for process improvements.
  • Enable shared services to improve staff productivity and streamline decision making
  • Collaborate more easily with offices of primary interest (OPI’s), and other departments
  • Reduce liability risks including unintentional information disclosure
  • Empower staff to make better informed and more consistent decisions
  • Reduce or eliminate paper processes
  • Automate reporting and document generation activities

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