Arlington discovers an elegant answer to reduce customer waiting time

City of Arlington, which houses a population of 365,000 found their current system to be incapable of handling processes.

Arlington discovers an elegant answer to reduce customer waiting time

Arlington is located precisely midway between Dallas and Forth Worth.

Major attractions started coming up and with the population increasing. The Community Development and Planning Department needed a more efficient and effective system to be in place to care for the growing needs of the City. They switched to AMANDA.

Since 70's The Building Department used a system which had now become outdated. It could not accommodate zoning, which meant the department had to store some data in spreadsheets. Both methods were manual; the process was slow and records were not tied together.

One had to go either to the appropriate department, o to the right person, to search for required information. This process was inefficient and customers were frustrated with the time it took. The decision to switch ultimately came when IT could no longer support the system.

AMANDA streamlined the complete process. Paperwork reduced considerably, and over 50 staff members use AMANDA for zoning, planning, and online tracking. Due to this there is more space in the office and The Building and Planning Development Department has reconfigured it. Clerks can now look up ongoing projecs and can help anyone with its history, and update them without having to transfer the call. Clerks can also let customers know of any issues with the project, or any note added to it by any department, without transferring the call to that department. Sorting and returning invalid applications is now easy, as the submitting process is automated. This saves a lot of time, effort, and manpower. Applications that need to be re-submitted do not require the same people to look over it.

"AMANDA has greatly increased our efficiency and productivity. Since all the information is shared and up to date, we no longer have to transfer calls to different departments to check the status of applications. This has saved time for the city and our customers."
Bruce Payne, Assistant Director, Department of Community Development & Planning

Arlington, plans to use AMANDA for all its addressing and property records in the near future. The ultimate goal is to link the property data in AMANDA with its Geographic Information System (GIS) using AMANDA iMap, providing web-based access to GIS. This is extremely helpful in rural areas for pinpointing a property or a location. Long-term plans include expanding AMANDA into the Code Enforcement, Health, Fire, and Animal Safety Departments.

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Come up with a faster and more efficient system in order to reduce customer's waiting time and increase processing speed.

CSDC's AMANDA Solution


  • Majority of the application process has been automated.
  • Incomplete applications cannot be submitted, thus saving time required for sorting out and returning applications.
  • Re-submission of applications can be done easily.

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