A single, unified application provides improved customer service across departments

Data silos and manual processes slow down information exchange serving a population of 500,000. The growth and resource management in Volusia County, Florida, is responsible for planning and development, Environmental Management, Building and Permitting, Zoning, Contractor Licensing, Code Enforcement, and all inspection processes.

A single, unified application provides improved customer service across departments

In 2007, the staff in the Land Development Department were enforcing permitting codes and processing licenses using a mainframe and other legacy systems developed in-house as much as 20 years ago. Additionally, all other departments were excluded from this system. Each division had its own unique work-flow and received, processed, exchanged, and communicated information with paper files and email.

The manual, paper-intense processes (involving documents, maps, plans) that existed under this business model were neither friendly to Volusia County constituents nor field staff, who were required to return to the office to input what they had documented in the field. Departmental business process re-engineering was clearly in order to streamline processes.

After extensive research, AMANDA 5 emerged as the perfect solution for Volusia County, Florida. AMANDA 5 is a multi-tiered Java (J2EE) application, designed to support all land management activities, such as application intake, internal reviews, third party reviews, mobile inspections, management approvals, and e-Services. Its flexible, web-based user interface helps to maximize ease-of-use, improving end user adoption of AMANDA at the County.

AMANDA was implemented across 7 divisions at Volusia County: comprehensive planning, zoning, land development, building department, contractor licensing, environment, and code enforcement.

In total, there are over 150 users on AMANDA and the implementation of this solution resulted in the much-needed realignment of all departmental business functions.

According to internal County estimates, Volusia has achieved a reduction of 4,000 hours each year for plan reviews, which translates to annual savings of $145,000 ($545,000 in savings when you factor in Land Development and Planning). As well, with digital copies all that’s required, AMANDA has helped to save constituents over $1,000,000 in paper and application costs.

Volusia’s use of AMANDA has helped the County improve its work-flow resulting in annual savings estimated to be more than $500,000. As a result, Volusia is eager to move further ahead with the experience it has gained from implementing AMANDA.

Plans are already in progress to implement AMANDA Public Portal, scheduled to go live in 2011. This will give county constituents and professionals the opportunity to apply, monitor, schedule, question, and appeal online. It will also significantly reduce the number of people calling, or coming into county offices, cutting down on the number of vehicles on the road, contributing to Volusia’s efforts to reduce their carbon footprint.

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Create a system that is friendly to Volusia County constituents and field staff, in order to streamline processes.


The Next Generation of AMANDA Software; AMANDA 5


• Improved customer service

• Single, unified application across the department

• Savings of 4,000 man hours from reduction in time for plans review

• Shared master data repository

• Significant improvement in work-flow capabilities

• Reduction in manual processes

• Web-based mobile inspections

• Real-time communications

• Sophisticated reporting capabilities.

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