31 new benefits in AMANDA 7 that administrators will love

24 June 2016,

AMANDA 7 comes with new exciting features that will make your job simpler, more efficient and less time consuming.Find out 31 new benefits of AMANDA 7 that administrators will love.

31 new benefits in AMANDA 7 that administrators will love

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Manages Data Better

  • Automate data archival anc disposal with Data Retention.
  • Support multiple tenants with a single deployment using shared or separate schemas per tenant.
  • Support multiple agencies for a single tenant using agency security model.
  • Enable multiple administrators' managing different portions with AMANDA Admin.

More Secure

  • Security is now at the Application Layer. The Database Layer is decoupled from security. This greatly reduces DBA involvement and increases AMANDA security.
  • Support for MS-SQL 2012 onwards. Plus, support for sequences and ASCII SQL standards.

All the power to customise your UI

  • Customise UI with resource bundles and simplified JavaScript syntax.
  • Manage UI forms and tabs with simple drag and drop designer tool.
  • Manage visibility and order of tabs in Folder and Master data, including the Add Cycle.
  • Configure the value for Folder Name and Folder Number using a wizard - no scripting needed.
  • Create and manage email templates for easy generation of emails from defined business rules.
  • My Office widgets creates elements using ZUL and Groovy scripts.
  • Define merge documents with system and custom data elements rather than SQL scripts.
  • Localization, security and other settings previously in AMANDA properties file have now been moved to the admin interface for easier updates.
  • Custom Script allows admins to write Javascript or Groovy scripts.

Integrate with 3rd-party systems

  • EDMS Adaptors for native Integration with Enterprise CMS - Sharepoint and Alfresco, and support for custom adaptor.
  • Updated GIS Adaptor to embed any GIS Viewer within AMANDA and access to AMANDA data as a feature service.
  • Update AMANDA and Outlook calendars bi-directionally.
  • Webservices tool kit has been updated to support both SOAP and REST protocols.

More power and control for admins

  • Permissions management has been expanded to include all possible actions within the application, permissions by Folder Type and reports.
  • Manage permissions easily by creating security group and assigning users to groups.
  • Expanded Admin tables now include granular and transact-ional audit capabilities.
  • Restrict the maximum number of users now by tenant.
  • Use APIs to interact with the AMANDA database.
  • View history and compare with prior content with the new, enhanced procedure window.
  • To reduce SQL queries in procedures, a simple config setting can now update the Folder Status from a Process Attempt.
  • A simple setting will now automatically clear cache rather than admin remembering to clear it after updating admin settings.

Reporting made easy

  • Create report using OpenSource Jasper reporting tool.
  • The list of reports configured by Folder Type now includes many other reports which were previously across the site like, Bills, Receipts, etc.
  • Using AMANDA Analytics, creates reports that support your users with report data structures, analytics and performance friendly data.
  • Enable easy OpenData outputs using the new Datamart ETL tool and out of the box configurations.

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