22 reasons to upgrade to AMANDA 7.

24 June 2016,

Are you looking for a case management system that will speed up your workflow and improve efficiency? AMANDA 7 is the perfect solution. AMANDA 7 comes with unmatched features that are fully configurable according to your needs and is very easy to operate.If you still need reasons to upgrade to AMANDA 7, here are 22 more end user benefits.

22 reasons to upgrade to AMANDA 7.

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Uses open standards to take your processes to a whole new level. Packs better User Experience, Analytics and Productivity options better than ever before.

Responsive Design

  • Works on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, or handheld devices.
  • Works on any browser Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer.
  • Touch enabled to work with mobile devices.
  • Features multiple colour with mobile devices and high-contrast themes.
  • Compliant with Section 508 and WCAG 2.0

Easy Analytics and Open Data

  • Access reports and charts easily through appealing dashboards.
  • Quickly create new reports without the knowledge of AMANDA data structures.
  • Access AMANDA data using Datamart ETL

More User friendly

  • Field level search, child tables search, stacked queries and saved queries in Advanced Search
  • Embedded GIS to Interact with your corporate GIS system within AMANDA. Search and view AMANDA data in the embedded GIS widget.
  • New tab that allows creation of sibling relations between folders.
  • New notification tool alerts users.
  • Google like, single field, smart search features
  • Tangibles Master Data expands your master data beyond Property, People and Vehicles in a new repository called Tangibles. Keeps track of asset such as Elevators, Boiler Pressure Vessels, and more.
  • View AMANDA tasks in Outlook and Outlook tasks in AMANDA, bi-directionally.
  • Mark multiple folders to take bulk actions like Issues, Print, etc.

Manage Your Teams Better

  • Assign and share tasks easily with users from multiple teams.
  • Include processes, comments, documents, unscheduled tasks and team tasks in the new expanded tasks list.
  • Task list calendar now displays a integrated view of AMANDA and Outlook -Exchange tasks in a single convenient view.

Courts and FOIA modules

  • Offer solutions for Civil, Citation, Criminal, and Family courts including Dockets
  • FOIA (Freedom of Information Act), ATIP (Access To Information and Privacy) and RTI (Right to Information) solutions are now modules on the AMANDA Platform.
  • FOIA includes many document related features to convert documents to PDF, OCR, auto correction and redaction capabilities.

The complete municipal case management platform for governments.

Modular. Flexible. Interoperable.

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