Contractor App

CSDC is proud to announce that our AMANDA Contractor Center application is now available on Apple's App Store and Google Play.

This application can be used on an iPhone or Android device, and allows you to:

View your permits/inspections
View permits/inspections associated with a contractor
Request permits/inspections

Additionally, information about the status of your permits/inspections request, next-in-line notifications and the results, will be sent to your phone or PC via text message and/or email.

This can be downloaded from the or .

In order to begin using this service, you will need to contact your city's Planning and Development Department. For application issues or to provide feedback, please contact CSDC Systems Inc.


View Folders, Status Details

View high level Folder Details

View Fees and Pay

Review Details of completed transactions

Schedule, Reschedule, cancel inspections

Record inspection results