Governments around the world use AMANDA apps to enhance productivity.

Mobile apps are self-contained applications that have a specific function within AMANDA, CSDC’s Case Management Solution for governments and regulatory authorities. The apps enable AMANDA to be divided into smaller, more manageable pieces, to improve productivity.

For example, through these apps, governments set up services that encourage a two-way interaction with citizens. This enables governments to have a high level of control, flexibility, and independence when implementing AMANDA in their organizations.

Inspector App

Ideal for use by inspectors in Permits, Licensing, and Code Enforcement.


Runs anywhere

Does not require internet

Collects and stores data locally

Syncs with AMANDA when internet is available

Works with Windows based laptops and rugged mobile devices

Helps with both scheduled and unscheduled inspections

Helps create new violation folders on the field

Records code violations

Permits Folder, People, Property edits on the field

Accepts signatures, prints inspection cards, completes checklists, records deficiencies and routes tasks

Service Request App

Citizen app to help report problems and concerns.


Log in anonymously

Report issues via simple interface

Locate using GPS

Submit photos with requests

Contractor App

Ideal for contractors and applicants, enables access to AMANDA with smartphone, iOS or Android.


View Folders, Status Details

View high level Folder Details

View Fees and Pay

Review Details of completed transactions

Schedule, Reschedule, Cancel inspections

Record inspection results

My Office App

Ideal for executives checking folders and back-office users checking to-do lists. Available for iOS and Android platforms.


Search globally or within folders

View Folder Details & Info

View Property details

View People details

View Processes & Process details

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