AMANDA's powerful features save you time, money & resources.

Enterprise-class power.
AMANDA is a commercial, off-the-shelf, open standards software, that's purpose-built to the needs of governments and regulatory agencies. 

Fully configurable by you.
AMANDA fits your needs, works with your business rules, and requires zero coding.

Deploys quickly.
AMANDA integrates with 3rd-party services, gathers business intelligence, generates reports fast, runs on the cloud and works well with mobile devices. 

Scalable & Future-proof. 
AMANDA comes with over 26 add-on modules with built-in scalability to make your investment future-proof.

Domain Expertise & Proven.
AMANDA leverages the essence and insights of serving governments around the world since 1989.

Burlington City simplifies tasks with AMANDA
Cathy Marion, Information Technology Services Department, City of Burlington, relates her success with AMANDA.

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