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Streamline your processes with off-the-shelf, automation solutions that can be both extended and configured by you. Typically, our solutions will meet over 90% of your required functionality by simply configuring it. The result is that you enjoy the flexibility of a custom solution, slash your deployment time, and reduce your total cost.

Choose from a stack of automation solutions that run on AMANDA - the most empowering Case Management & Process Automation Platform for governments and regulatory agencies.

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We have built a service ecosystem comprising of support, experienced partners, and committed user champions. We work with you to design and implement your mission critical system, quickly and efficiently.

Tap into this ecosystem for consulting advice, project management, installation, feedback, troubleshooting, certification and training, and post-live support.

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  • CSDC Systems has been recognized in Toronto as one of the top 3 finalists for the prestigious award “Large Business of the Year" 2013, by Regroupement des gens d’affaires de la Capitale Nationale (RGA).
  • URISA awards Orange County with 2012 URISA Exemplary Systems in Government (ESIG) Award for Addressing and Land Development Information Network (ALDIN). Orange County uses AMANDA from CSDC Systems.
  • WeGo awards the City of Surrey in the category of Services, with the Best E-government award for the implementation of mobile building inspections using smartphone apps. The City of Surrey runs on AMANDA from CSDC Systems.

Profit from 26 years of insights 
poured into automation technology for governments.

  • 26 +

    26+ years of trust earned from governments and regulatory institutions, all over the world.

  • 350 +

    350+ agencies where stakeholders are delighted with the benefits of the AMANDA platform.

  • 3,000 +

    3,000+ business apps developed by customers to boost productivity using AMANDA.

  • 15,000 +

    15,000+ users in 4 continents who enjoy the freedom to focus on what's important, each day.

Hear what our customers say

    Cathy Marion, City of Burlington's Information Technology Services Department, narrates the City's success stories in using AMANDA.
    Ed Peck, Project Manager with Jefferson County's Building Safety Division, talks about the notable contribution AMANDA made by providing mobile productivity to inspectors.
    David Stephenson, a Business Analyst with the District of Maple Ridge shares how AMANDA effectively managed processes for licensing, and more.
    Brad Wiles, IT Manager with Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations describes how AMANDA became the obvious choice for several provincial agencies. It was initially implemented just in 1998.
    Grant Campbell, Information Systems Coordinator from the City of Winnipeg's Planning, Property and Development Department talks about how AMANDA helped to centralize the City's data.
  • AMANDA enables us to meet provincial targets to consolidate data and services. We are not forced to know many different skill sets, different technologies, different languages in order to provide these services as a one stop shop.

    - Brad Wiles, IT Manager with Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations
  • We started looking for a Building Permit system, but when we saw AMANDA we realized that we could take it a lot further than just within the Building Department.

    - Cathy Marion of the City of Burlington's Information Technology Services Department
  • During the recent huge hailstorm, using AMANDA and the Mobile App saved us a lot of time and created a lot of efficiency. We were able to handle the additional inspections and permits without hiring temporary employees.

    - Ed Peck, Project Manager with Jefferson County's Building Safety Division