AMANDA Implementation Methodology (AIM)

Collect documented business processes and develop an understanding of the client’s infrastructure to prepare detailed plans for project and resource allocation.

Verify Scope & Develop Prototype.
Share industry best practices and assist clients to develop a prototype system based on their specific needs.

Analyze Needs.
Work with client staff to conduct an in-depth analysis of client business workflows. Identify gaps between current and future states and resolve them.

Configure and update AMANDA based on the functional specification and configuration documents. Perform QA reviews.

Train & Test.
Conduct knowledge transfer sessions with key client staff on AMANDA and assist clients with UAT plan preparations and execution to enable self-sufficiency post go-live.

Go-Live & Close the Project.
Promote AMANDA into the production environment with experienced team members standing by to support and assist as needed.

Mobile productivity is key for inspectors.
Ed Peck, Project Manager, Jefferson County Building Safety Division, talks about AMANDA's notable contribution to improving the productivity of field inspectors.

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