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State of Ohio

Mobile solutions improve inspection speed, efficiency and accuracy

The Division of Industrial Compliance and Labor is a division of the Ohio Department of Commerce. The Department’s mission is to uphold Ohio’s regulatory requirements to ensure a safe environment while improving the quality of life for all 11.5 million Buckeyes.

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Ontario Ministry of Environment

Operations become 'greener' for Ministry of Environment

The Ontario Ministry of the Environment (MoE) receives more FOI requests than any public organization in the province-5,200 alone in 2008. A few years ago, the Ministry realized its rudimentary case management system designed to handle a few hundred requests a year was no match for the thousands of requests pouring in.

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Saskatoon Health Region

Tracking and reporting on responses becomes a click button activity

Saskatoon Health Region is the largest Health Region and leading employer in Saskatchewan, serving 289,000 local residents in more than 100 cities, towns, villages, regional municipalities and First Nation communities.

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Presenting eight purpose-built, process automation solutions
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Automate your
Govern faster.

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Speed up development. Automate
permits and compliances.

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Respond to
freedom of information
requests quickly.

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Cut backlog in
Automate the process.


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without fuss.

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property tax
without taxing your staff.

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Track all government
properties and assets.

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university management.
Let students and faculty collaborate. 


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Replace expensive paper and legacy solutions
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  • AMANDA allows us to meet provincial targets to consolidate data and services. We are not forced to know many different skill sets, different technologies, different languages in order to provide these services as a one stop shop.

    - Brad Wiles, IT Manager with Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations
  • We started looking for a Building Permit system, but when we saw AMANDA we realized that we could take it a lot further than just within the Building Department.

    - Cathy Marion of the City of Burlington's Information Technology Services Department
  • During the recent huge hailstorm, using AMANDA and the Mobile App saved us a lot of time and created a lot of efficiency. We were able to handle the additional inspections and permits without hiring temporary employees.

    - Ed Peck, Project Manager with Jefferson County's Building Safety Division
  • There is nothing that AMANDA can't do.

    - John Wright, former CBO of Markham, Ontario


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